GNSS Sensor Tracker
GNSS Sensor Tracker
GNSS Sensor Tracker
GNSS Sensor Tracker
GNSS Sensor Tracker

GNSS Sensor Tracker

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The GNSS Sensor Tracker is an open-source, sensor-rich, GNSS/GPS tracking board intended to provide a base design accelerator for custom Meadow-based GNSS tracking solutions.


  • Solar Power/Battery Charing autonomy - Our tracker has onboard a 6V Solar Input port to charge its LiPo rechargeable battery so it continue operates on the move.
  • Real Time Atmospheric and Air Quality sensing - With the high precision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, the BME688 is built-in our tracker to give the most accurate environmental data possible.
  • Fully Open Source Platform - GNSS Tracker is 100% open source, so users can expand and mod the product for infinite application possibilities.
  • Full .NET Application Project - As a Meadow powered product, fire up Visual Studio and work on your project with full .NET capabilities as you would building a mobile/desktop app, with step-by-step debugging and other Quality-of-Life IDE features.


6V Solar Power Input
SSD1680 122x250 Adafruit E-Paper Display
GNSS/GPS Antenna
Solar Power/Battery Charging Add-on Module
Meadow F7 Core-Compute Module (CCM)
USB-C, Boot, Reset Add-on Module
18650 Lipo Rechargeable Battery