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Welcome to Juego

Introducing Juego, the all-new open-source, Meadow-powered, .NET programmable gaming console in the palm of your hands!

This is a hobbyist IoT accelerator that was developed with support of the Meadow community, although it is fully featured, the hardware design may change and today is not fully optimized.

Unleash Your Creativity 

Powered by full .NET, Juego offers endless possibilities for customization. Seamlessly program your own games with Visual Studio or VSCode, create unique game mechanics, and even develop your own gaming apps. With access to a vast library of programming resources and tools, you can bring your wildest gaming ideas to life!

TFT LCD with 65k colors display

Juego features a sleek, compact design that fits comfortably in your hands. The display is a ILI9341 is a 2.8” 320x240 IPS full view TFT LCD with 65k colors that balances great visuals without demanding too much processing power. 

Classic button layout design 

Juego comes with a classic button layout design to provide precise control over your gameplay. Every jump, dodge, and attack is flawlessly executed, enhancing your gaming performance. Get ready to conquer new levels, defeat enemies, and explore vast virtual worlds with ease.

Dual Magnetic Audio Transducers 

Play any sound effects or music to your apps with its dual piezo speakers. Juego speakers are configured so they can deliver stereo effects or play multiple sounds simultaneously.

Never Run Out of Power 

Juego is designed with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, ensuring you can enjoy hours of dev work and play. Whether you're traveling or simply gaming at home, you can trust Juego will keep up whenever you need it.

Put your .NET skills to use, fire up Visual Studio or VSCode and start building stunning games and visuals using Juego.