Presale: (5)-Pack Meadow F7 Micro Development Kit

Presale: (5)-Pack Meadow F7 Micro Development Kit

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Want more than one Meadow Dev Kit? Get this 5-pack, and save $10 on the boards, and more on the shipping!

This is a 5-pack of our inaugural Meadow board! STM32F7 microcontroller, WiFi, BLE, integrated battery charger, and a whole lot of awesome. Comes with a breadboard, so you can begin building out of the box.

Powerful, energy-efficient STM32F7 microcontroller with WiFi, BLE, 216MHz, 16MB RAM, 32MB Flash, 2D graphics and JPEG acceleration.Tons of GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI, CAN, UART and more. Solar power ready with integrated LiPo battery charger.

We're doing another production run, these are estimated to ship in March.